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Hey guys!

I'm Crossover, but I usually go by Instinct on the web and I'm usually the Genki Girl trope as a person myself.

Huge information here, I'm from Germany (means I could be asleep / in school at times you're reading this) and yeah...

My favorite franchises consister out of DEATH BATTLE!,Video Game/Splatoon, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Big Hero 6, Star Fox, (attention, small kiddie section here), Wild Kratts, Angry Birds (Kiddie section over), Guardiansof The Galaxy, Super Smash Bros., Deadpool, Bungo Stray Dogs and Show by Rock!!.


I'm more into Rock Music (including J Rock), soundtracks and EDM/Electronic music, but I can seriously hear anything by Animated bands or Virtual Celebrities like Vocaloid, Gorillaz and even Game tied bands like Shingancrimsonz from Show by Rock!!

Also, since probably many people don't know this, I'm bilingual (mother tounge German and speaking pretty fluently English)

Tropes about me:

  • Action Girl : I play tons of video games and most of my characters / strategies are brutal (some examples: Sharpshooter in Unison League, Popstar in Miitopia ect...) Plus my love for action based series
  • Adorkable : Kinda what some say about me.

  • Berserk Button : In that regards I have quite alot of them, so, small list here! ^^
    • Call any character I like / hold dear bad or useless
    • In that regards, that counts towards series too
  • Bilingual: With all of the benefits and problems as well, aka switching mid sentence in the other language, accidentally using the other one's grammar ect. ...
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  • Blood Knight : Yeah, with a liking for DEATH BATTLE!, no wonder.... XD Wiz is best webshow host, fight me. XD
  • Gacha Gamer : Games I play on my phone are mostly Gacha Games like Crash Fever, Unison League....
  • Genki Girl : Is selfexplanatory
  • Scaredy Cat : Don't ask..
  • Trademark Favourite Food : Tuna sandwiches from Subway and Tuna Pizza

(Still Wip...)