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Here are some Characters I have / play in Games:

Unison League: Crow Shingan

Short Intro:A member of Gravania`s Master Guild and the student of Filo, Crow is an expert Marksman with grace and style, but she can drabble in other classes as well.

  • Action Girl : Do I need to say more if you know the game? For anyone who doesn`t know, you play as an adventurer from a guild in Gravania

  • Adorkable : She may be sarcastic and hotheaded, but she cares for her friends and her pet Limis.

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  • Badass in Charge: Crow is the leader of one of the many sub guilds of the Master Guild in Gravania and

  • Bows Versus Crossbows: Adverted since she chooses mosly Orbs over her usual class weapons, still using her abilities from her actual class It should be noted that UL has not just only those, but also straight up guns

  • Bowslinger: What do you expect from her class?

  • Combat Stilettos : Since multiple of any female outfits in the game have at least heels, she falls into that category

  • Improvised Weapon : Have you ever seen UL's weapons? They range from oversized daily things to freaking gigantic hammers, guns, bows, swords.... Anything! Also, regardless of class, you can equip (in both normal and cosmetic loadouts) anything you want

  • Ms. Fanservice : Her main choice of gear is a black and red bikini, but her outfits actually range from simple and easy to seriously pretty heavy armoury.

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