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The Gauntlet of Villains were (from left as in the intro and this photo):

  1. Alphonse the Gangster
  2. Bruno the Headsman
  3. Mr. Van Louse the Landlord
  4. Nero the Fiddler
  5. Count Nibbleneck the Vampire
  6. Frank and his little friend Stein
  7. Kid Rotten the Gunslinger
  8. Jeremy Swash the Pirate
  9. Dr. Deranged the Mad Scientist
  10. Lucretia the Witch

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The only way to see the series outside of YouTube. Burt Sugarman has the entire series (plus format and trademark rights), but seems unwilling to share. The Television Production Music Museum has the premiere, the last pre-Celebrity episode, and the Grand Finale available for viewing in its Vault (paying member) section.
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  • Screwed by the Network: Jay Wolpert stated in an interview that the show actually was doing well against All-Star Secrets, when NBC decided to play dirty and put up The Hollywood Squares up against it insteadnote . CBS' daytime dept. realized they needed to counter it, and asked the promo dept. for more advertising. They didn't get it, and they had to resort to the "add celebrities" as a last resort given how the promotional guys had screwed them over, but it was too late.


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