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Buzzr is an American channel owned by Fremantle Media that shows classic game shows from the Fremantle library. The network launched in 2015, and is available via OTA broadcasting (typically carried as a subchannel of Fox-owned stations), cable and satellite TV, and on streaming services like Pluto TV, Stirr, and Plex.

The network, to put things concisely, is Fremantle’s answer to GSN. Given the latter's Network Decay as of late, one might compare Buzzr to Game Show Network in its prime - nothing but game shows (save for the occasional E/I programming and oddity now and then. Given Fremantle's vast array of game shows, expect a plethora of familiar (and even, at times unfamiliar) names to show up on the schedule.


Shows aired by Buzzr:

    Game Shows 

    Other Shows 
  • Animal Outtakes
  • Animal Rescue
  • Dog Tales
  • Dragonfly TV
  • Monster Garage
  • Monster House
  • Richard Simmons' Dream Maker
  • Stanley on the Go
  • Walking Wild
  • Wild Wonders


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