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  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $39 million. Gross, $12,463,520 ($10,763,520 domestic and $1,700,000 overseas). It ended up tied with Action Point for the worst opening weekend numbers of 2018 and after three weeks was only playing in around a hundred locations, down from nearly two thousand on release and was removed from release after four weeks. The film is projected to lose Universal $60 million.
  • Creator Killer: After recovering from a brief career slump at the beginning of The New '10s with Flight, this film became the third in a string of flops for Robert Zemeckis, after The Walk and Allied, and appears to have stifled his career yet again. (Especially since, while Walk and Allied were Acclaimed Flops, Marwen was critically panned.)
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  • Working Title: The film was originally going to be titled The Women of Marwen before the title was changed during production.


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