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  • Breakout Character:
    • From Schadenfreude. With the exception of Kid Lykos, who was forced to retire due to injury, the rest of the team is still on the independent circuit.
    • From Mind, second to Tommy End, who went to the main roster.
    • From Catch Hoolz. With the exception of Sami Callihan (who got a stint as the hacker Solomon Crowe in NXT and is a key player in Impact Wrestling), the rest of the stable is either retired or in the indies.
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    • From Ringkampf, only surpassed by Marcel Barthel (Axel Dieter Jr.) who got earlier than him in NXT and is his teammate in Imperium (which is basically Ringkampf under a different name). As for Timothy Thatcher? Stayed in the indies another year or two before popping up in NXT. Ironically, his first angle (albeit briefly before a Face–Heel Turn) was against Imperium.


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