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  • At PROGRESS Wrestling's Chapter 51: Screaming For PROGRESS, WALTER and Matt Riddle waged absolute war for the Atlas Championship, ending with Matt Riddle submitting to WALTER.
  • His match against Chris Hero at PROGRESS Super Strong Style 2016.
  • Him vs. Timothy Thatcher for the Atlas Championship at Chapter 62: Fear No More, Come To Dust, just everything about it.
  • WALTER and Will Ospreay tore the house in two promotions: at Defiant Wrestling's Stacked '18 and Over the Top Wrestling's fourth anniversary show. Both matches feature a plethora of moments worth mentioning.
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  • Appearing at the end of NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool in order to let Pete Dunne know about his intentions of getting the title. At one point, Joe Coffey, who failed to obtain the title that day, tried to enter the ring back, only for WALTER to dispatch him with a superkick.
  • Finally finishing Pete Dunne's 609-day reign as the UK champion at NXT TakeOver: New York in a brutal battle that brought new meaning to the term "stiff fight".
  • Him vs. Tyler Bate at NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff for the former's WWE UK Title. The match became the third WWE match in history to break WON's five star rating system by Dave Meltzer rating it 5.25.


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