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Trivia / Transformers Aligned Universe

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  • Creator Backlash: A lot of the creative teams behind the various entries didn't want their work in the Aligned continuity in the first place, which goes to explain a lot of the creative license and various continuity issues between each entry. By the time Prime ended, the Binder of Revelation, the Universe Bible, had ended up completely ignored (and even before then, the IDW comics had already established too many character backstories for it to have been feasible to use anyway).
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  • Flip-Flop of God: Hasbro had earlier stated that the Aligned universe wasn't part of the larger Transformers multiverse. However, they've since changed their minds as works like Rise of the Dark Spark and Transformers Animated's The Complete AllSpark Almanac have since placed it as part of the larger multiverse after all, just unknown to it until the events of the former.
  • God Does Not Own This World: Despite wanting to create a cohesive narrative with the Aligned continuity, Hasbro didn't retain creative control when licensing the franchise to other studios, more or less allowing the various creative staffs to do whatever they wanted and openly ignore established plot points from other parts of the continuity
  • The Other Darrin: If a character isn't named Optimus Prime, chances are good they have a different voice actor in the games and cartoon—and even then, Optimus has been recast in Rescue Bots Academy.
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  • Troubled Production: as shown in these panels, the current Aligned continuity is the result of many disagreements and miscommunications between the different story teams, resulting in the Broad Strokes and Continuity Snarls on each medium.
  • What Could Have Been: There were originally plans for the IDW Transformer comics to have a New 52 styled reboot to better fit in with the Aligned continuity. This was decided against and the comics simply started introducing concepts and elements from the Aligned continuity.

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