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Trivia / The Turning

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  • Box Office Bomb: The film only grossed around $18 million worldwide on a budget of $14 million.
  • California Doubling: The film takes place in Maine, but was shot entirely in Ireland.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: The scene where Miles pukes up a spider is only seen in the trailers, not the movie (unless one views the alternate ending).
  • Playing Against Type: While Finn Wolfhard has played jerks in the past, this is his first full-on villainous role.
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  • Troubled Production: The film began in 2016 as a passion project for Steven Spielberg and was intended as one of the first releases of Spielberg's new Amblin Partners studio. However, five weeks before shooting, Spielberg abruptly withdrew his involvement after writer Scott Z. Burns turned in a page-one rewrite that radically altered the project from what Amblin had envisioned. Amblin fired Burns and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, even though a third of the movie's $17 million budget had already been spent. Universal kept the film on The Shelf of Movie Languishment until they dumped it into theaters in January 2020, to poor critical reception.
  • What Could Have Been: When the film was first announced in 2016, it was going to be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and was titled Haunted. Rose Leslie was cast in the lead role and Alfre Woodward was also part of the cast. At this point, the film's script differed greatly from the final product (Steven Spielberg withdrew from the film because so many changes were made to the script shortly before filming was due to begin).

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  • Got a rare F grade on CinemaScore, one of only twenty two films to get such a rating since the organizations founding in 1979. What makes this notable, however, is that this was the second one given in 2020, just a week after The Grudge (2020) got the first one of that year; and in January to boot.