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Video Game / Magical Chaser: Stardust of Dreams

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From left to right. Back row: Kasumin, Fine, Bibin, Meteo and Comet. Front row: Doremi, Aiko and Potpourri.

Magical Chaser: Stardust of Dreams is a Doujin Fighting Game made by the Doujin Circle Dakken, as a Crossover of five relatively obscure Cute Witch animes. It was released for PC in 2008, and can be freely downloaded here.

The animes it crosses over would be Ojamajo Doremi, Twin Princess of Wonder Planet, Princess Comet, Fushigi Mahou Fan Fan Pharmacy, and Kasumin.

From Ojamajo Doremi, Doremi and Aiko are the payable ones.

From Twin Princess of Wonder Planet, Fine and Bibin are used, the latter of whom can only be played via a special code and serves as the Final Boss.

From Princess Comet, Comet-san and Meteor-san are playable.

From Fushigi Mahou Fan Fan Pharmacy, only Potpourri can be played.

From Kasumin, only Kasumin herself can be played.

Instrumental remixes of themes from all five animes are present, particularly those from Ojamajo Doremi.


This Doujin Fighting Game features examples of:

  • All Your Powers Combined: Doremi's most powerful attack is Magical Stage with all the other Ojamajos. It can somehow happen even when her opponent is Aiko...
  • Ambidextrous Sprite: A pretty egregious case.
  • Assist Character: Rein aids Fine for several of her attacks.
    • Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, and Momoko aid Doremi in casting Magical Stage even if she's already fighting Aiko.
    • Mutsumi teams up with Aiko whenever she uses her level 3 super while Mimi helps out with some of her other attacks. Robo-Doremi is one of her supers.
    • Bibin occasionally calls up Edochin and throws him at the opponent.
    • Meteo throws Mook into her opponent in some of her attacks.
    • Kasumin is helped out sometimes by her friends during attacks and supers.
  • Awesome, yet Impractical: Most high level Supers. They require a lot just to charge up and deal less damage overall than simply using normal attacks and level 1 Supers.
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  • Badass Adorable: Considering the animes all the characters come from...
  • Baleful Polymorph: If Doremi or Aiko is hit by one of their own supers, then they will be turned into mice before taking damage.
  • Boring, but Practical: Most level 1 Supers. Special mention goes to Potpourri's lightning attack, which can hit several times for a lot of damage.
  • Cute Bruiser: All of them, really.
  • Cute Witch: A Crossover between five of them!
  • Dark Magical Girl: Princess Meteor and Bibin, just as they were in their respective shows.
  • Elemental Powers: Some of Potpourri's supers.
    • Shock and Awe: A level 1 super that can hit several times.
    • Making a Splash: Another super that will drag the target to the other side of the screen if successful.
  • Fixed Floor Fighting: All stages, while having different background characters and scenes, are all one flat plain.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Doremi and Aiko are very close friends in their anime, so their fighting here comes off as this.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: One of Fine's supers involves being launched into the opponent by Rein.
    • Meteo and Bibin occasionally throw their servants Mook and Edochin, respectively, into their opponents as attacks.
  • Humongous Mecha: Aiko summons Robo-Doremi as one of her supers.
  • Involuntary Dance: One of Fine's level 1 Supers involves her using the Feather Myuugram to force her opponent to dance with her and Rein. Damage is dealt afterward. The victim's expressions vary depending on who's dancing.
  • Life Meter: It even curves!
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Meteo is the only character who has a different portrait while facing a rival in story mode. She appears to be pleased about the idea of fighting Comet just like she would if Comet decided to stop avoiding fights and accept her challenge in the original anime.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: Princess Comet and Princess Fine, moreso the former.
  • Puni Plush: The art style of all five animes used in this game.
  • Purposely Overpowered: Bibin is this since she is always the final fight with everyone else and is typically unplayable.
  • The Rival: Aiko to Doremi, Bibin to Fine, and Meteor to Comet. In the latter-most case, Meteor's portrait changes to her looking a bit pleased at Comet for finally accepting a fight.
  • Super Move Portrait Attack: Just about everyone has at least two or three. Some of them show an Assist Character instead.
  • Unsportsmanlike Gloating: One of Meteo's victory poses has her laughing about her win only to smack Mook away when she tries to join in.
  • Warmup Boss: Meteo is usually fought right before Bibin during story mode, though some characters will fight her earlier.
  • Wheel o' Feet: Bibin and Fine (And Rein by extension) have this for their running animations, just like in their home series, Pimped-Out Dress + Wheel o' Feet = Floating Limbs.