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Trivia / The Song of Bernadette

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  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Bernadette never spoke the words in the trope quote: they were written by Franz Werfel for his book. In fact, Bernadette while a nun at Nevers did ask for water from the Lourdes Spring and drank it to cure a life-threatening attack of asthma. She never had another one.
  • California Doubling: While shooting on backlots in California was absolutely standard procedure for Hollywood in the 1940s, they had a really good excuse not to film in France in 1943.
  • Dawson Casting: Twenty-four-year-old Jennifer Jones as Bernadette, aged fourteen for nearly all of the movie - though she's outdone by fellow adult Ermadean Walters playing her younger sister Marie (whose age is not given, but would have been six or seven historically).
    • Bernadette described her lady as close to her own size (4'7")note  and age, but twenty-year-old, 5'4" Linda Darnell was cast. She's also wearing more drapery than Bernadette described, because she is pregnant.
  • Star-Making Role: For Jennifer Jones, who won an Oscar for her performance.
  • Mme. Léontine Bruat (Tala Birell) was real; as in the film, she was the wife of Admiral Bruat and the governess for His Highness the Prince Imperial. There's a sequence where she brings a jug of then-illegal spring water to the Empress Eugénie for "Loulou" when he's sick, and he recovers. Eugénie subsequently informs her husband that he's either an atheist or an arrogant jerk for not opening the grotto. This whole episode was probably dreamed up by novelist Werfel. However, it is a recorded fact that the grotto was closed by local authorities and re-opened in October 1858 by order of Emperor Louis Napoleon III.


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