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YMMV / The Song of Bernadette

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  • Nightmare Fuel:
    Sr. Vauzous. You should be thankful, Bernadette, you did not live in former times. Creatures who boasted of equivocal visions... and produced springs as if by magic... were burned at the stake. I have prayed for you night after night, and I shall continue, so that your soul may not be destroyed by the frightful danger to which you are exposing it. And now good night, Bernadette.

  • What Could Have Been: The music you hear is by Alfred Newman, but Igor Stravinsky had been the first choice. He had the music for the first apparition already planned before he even saw a screening of the film, and when Perlberg and King asked him to change some of it Stravinsky refused and was released from his contract. Now, put on his "Symphony in Three Movements," second movement, and cue up your DVD to where Bernadette, Marie and Jeanne are running over the hills to collect wood near Massabielle. This is actually more evocative of a bizarre yet tenderly sacred mood than Newman's more traditionally religious approach.


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