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Trivia / The Naked Brothers Band

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  • The Danza: All but one of the main characters use their real names in the show.
  • Creator Killer: Due to the below mentioned meddling and screwing the network, the show was the last major project of Polly Draper, who didn't make much content after it. Ironic, considering she killed herself off in the show.
  • Executive Meddling/Screwed by the Network: Despite being one of the network's most successful shows when it aired, the show wound up being screwed over thanks to these tropes. At the end of the third season, Nick executives demanded Polly Draper and her family to make more episodes. And by more, they meant 60 episodes in one season. For a show whose cast mainly consisted of grade schoolers and high schoolers! Unsurprisingly, Draper refused, citing a previous agreement that the shooting schedule would not interfere with the boys' personal lives, but Nickelodeon of course wouldn't have it; as a result they themselves put an end to what was one of their most successful series at the time.
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  • Old Shame: Played straight and subverted. The brothers now perform as "Nat and Alex Wolff", but still mention the show prominently on their official site.
  • One-Episode Wonder: Supetastic 6, a one-off Alternate Universe animated special featuring the cast as superheroes.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Though this was his first hit, Nat Wolff is more well-known nowadays for his roles as Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars, Q in Paper Towns, and in recent years (for better or worse) as Light Yagami/Turner in the Netflix adaptation of Death Note.
    • Alex Wolff would later on get recognition for his performance as Peter in Hereditary.


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