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Trivia / The Mighty Thor

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  • Fan Nickname: Loki's reincarnated self is Kid Loki, or less often Little Loki. Loki as a woman is Lady Loki (with the official Marvel description of that period on their site being Loki looks like a Lady.
    • Unfortunately, and crudely, some circles of fans have also taken to nicknaming the New Thor 'Whor'.
    • With the big reveal that Fem!Thor is Jane Foster she has gained the more generous nicknames of Jane Fos-Thor and The Mighty Jane .
    • Beta Ray Bill has been dubbed both 'Beta Ray Bro' and 'Thorse.'
  • Name's the Same: Thor villain Malekith the Accursed shares the same name (minus the "the Accursed" epiphet) as a character from the tabletop game "Warhammer Fantasy", who is also a villainous Dark Elf king (before the latter setting got a Continuity Reboot in "Age of Sigmar"). This opened up contentious questions of who came up with it first, and let's leave it at that.
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  • Referenced by...: The Professional Wrestling promotion CHIKARA had The Estonian Thunderfrog, who was basically Thor as a frog. From Estonia. He carried around a big hammer (alternately the Hammer of War or the Hammer of Peace), and only he who was worthy could wield it, with the only ones qualifying for it being the Frog himself and Icarus.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Fans vividly remember an issue where Thor is badly injured after a battle and a random paramedic hands him Mjölnir, being deemed one of the few people worthy enough to wield it. However, no one's been able to track down the specific issue where this happens. It's believed that fans were misinterpreting a scene from Thor #35 where the Enchantress helps Thor lift Mjölnir while he's unconscious.
  • What Could Have Been: Jack Kirby originally envisioned his New Gods as a literal successor to the Thor comics, with the titular New Gods taking the place of the Asgardians after they had died in Ragnarok. Many of the New Gods have counterparts to the Asgardians, making it easy to tell who was supposed to be the successor of who.

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