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Trivia / Tessa Blanchard

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  • Fake Brit: Technically in Fighting with My Family, as she was the Stunt Double for Florence Pugh, who was playing Paige in the film.
  • Old Shame: It is NOT a good idea to bring up her time in Ring Divas. Mentions of it online will warrant an instant block, and broaching the topic to her face gets hostile fast.
  • Romance on the Set: With Ricochet and later Daga, the latter of whom she would marry.
  • Stunt Double: In Fighting with My Family, about WWE's Paige, she was a stunt double for Florence Pugh, the actress playing Paige in that film.
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  • Troubled Production: Part of Women Of Wrestling's troubles after the 2012 revival stemmed from a sharp difference of opinion between Malia Hosaka and Blanchard regarding the training of new wrestlers\"superheroes" for the company, after the mistaken assumption their serious attitudes towards their craft would be complimentary.

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