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  • What Could Have Been:
    • Geoff Johns had wanted to include Supergirl in the "One Year Later" Teen Titans roster, but since she was going a Darker and Edgier route at the time and Johns wanted a " naïve, fun alien chick", Miss Martian was created as a substitute.
    • Sterling Gates mentioned at one point Kara was going to meet Linda Danvers, the second post-Crisis Supergirl. Or, at the very least there was talk he was going to do something with Linda during his run. Jamal Igle later stated on Twitter that the original plan for Kryptonian heroes Flamebird and Nightwing involved them being Linda as Flamebird and Conner Kent as Nightwing. The pages with their introduction had to be redrawn so Nightwing would look older when it was decided he would be Chris Kent instead. Linda being Flamebird makes sense as a nod to her time as the Earth-Angel of Fire.
      • Gates revealed on Twitter that, had he stayed on the book, #75 would've featured Kara's death that had been alluded to while she was in the future. Instead of that being the end of her story, Kara would've ended up in Hell as a prisoner of Lord Satanus. Lana Lang and the soul of Alura would've needed to get into Hell to save Kara, and to do that they would've sought out Linda Danvers.
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    • Writer Nick Spencer had big plans for Supergirl before he left partway through his first issue. He was planning on setting Kara up as a leader like her cousin Kal and would have led to the creation of a new Young Justice. The story plans go that the villain would have been the Luthor-Brainiac clone and, to deal with it, Kara would gather a team comprised of Static, Blue Beetle, the Damian Wayne Robin, the Stephanie Brown Batgirl, Miss Martian and the Iris West Impulse (with hopes to include Aqualad). The pinnacle of Kara's evolution would have had Iris running away in a panic and Kara stopping her, convincing her to keep going. Most of the team, minus Kara, would have ended up getting captured and, with advice from Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, would have made a second team to rescue them. The story would have concluded with the dance party of the Flyover app's premiere, with one scene showing Iris dragging Damian out onto the dance floor. The Jaime/Damian/M'gann team (but none of the others) made it into James Peaty's run, but the details of the storyline were completely altered, along with Alex's true identity ( Kryptonian-Dubbilex hybrid clone).


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