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Heartwarming / Supergirl (2005)

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  • In issue #22, Kara thinks her cousin is about to lecture her after her latest mess-up, and she interrupts him to remind him he isn't her father, she's trying to learn to be better, and she doesn't need his validation. And then Superman cuts her off to say "I know." He agrees that she doesn't need his approval, she isn't in his shadow and she's learning from her mistakes and becoming a better hero and person. Summarized here.
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  • In issue #46, Kara and Thara make up and hug each other -several times- as they cry. And Kara is happy because she now knows her father is fine.
  • In Action Comics #867 -part of the Superman: Brainiac storyline- Kara glomps Clark while she tells him she is terrified of Brainiac. He hugged her back to reassure her.
  • In Superman/Batman Annual #5 -during the Reign of Doomsday arc-, a computerized Dr. Fate tells Supergirl that she is suffering from survivor guilt after losing her parents and Krypton over again and she shouldn't let guilt kill her and she has to forgive herself.


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