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Tear Jerker / Supergirl (2005)

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  • In Supergirl #34, Supergirl saves a bunch of people from being murdered by Silver Banshee. In appreciation for her heroism, those people throw trash at her, complaining about her ruining the game and trashing the baseball field and shout that she should go away. Supergirl flies away... and then she finds out that the Daily Planet has been smearing her.
  • Supergirl's father Zor-El being killed by Reactron, days after his daughter discovers him having escaped the destruction of Argo City and fleeing with her mother to the Bottled City of Kandor.
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  • Supergirl's discovery her first and only friend in Superwoman is actually her mortal enemy Lucy Lane.
  • Supergirl losing not only her father but her mother as well as every surviving member of her species but Kal-El and the Phantom Zone criminals when Sam Lane blows up New Krypton.


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