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  • International Coproduction: Studio 100's Maya the Bee CGI series is a German/Belgian co-production.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": In the 2014 movie "Maya The Bee", the start of the film would feature cameos of various Studio 100 characters such as Samson En Gert and Piet Piraat. This can leave non-Belgians confused due to these shows never being aired or shown outside of there native country.
  • Milestone Celebration: In 2016, Studio 100 celebrated its 20th anniversary by making the music video "Feestje" which features various Studio 100 characters singing together.
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  • The Other Marty: The Walloon version of Kabouter Plop (Lutin Plop) would reshot episodes with different actors. The same goes for Samson En Gert while Piet Piraat is mostly dubbed and doesn't cast a different cast.
  • Dub Name Change: Due to Belgium containing two separate languages. Some of the Studio 100 shows had to give some characters different names for that language for that region. Most notable in the Walloon version of Kabouter Plop where Kwebbel is called Pipolette and Klus is called Bric.
  • No Export for You: So far many of Studio 100 own franchsies haven't made it outside of it's native country. The only shows that have made it to other countries is the CGI version of Maya the Bee while the House of Anubis that airs on Nickelodeon is based on Het Huis Anubis

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