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  • Contest Winner Cameo: Winners of official contests held on the Spore forums will have their creations featured on the website. Also, contests have been held that will also decide the designs of built-in creatures for Darkspore.
  • Development Hell: The game was awarded Vaporware Awards from Wired, with three year long delays.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: It's a common misconception that Allying with the Grox will cause every other empire in existence to declare war on you. This is only sort of true. It results in a -200 relation modifier, which for an empire you haven't dealt with is more than the minimum (-71) to result in a declaration of war. However, it is possible to spoil empires enough that they'll leave you alone or even remain your ally after your new alliance. note 
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  • Vaporware: The "Creature Keeper" expansion.
  • What Could Have Been: Spore was originally designed as a game with more science basing. Somewhere along the line, the "Scientifically Accurate" team and the "Cute and Fun" team (led by Chris Hecker) got into a stand off, with the Cute and Fun team winning the argument in the end. Considering the fuzzy feel of the game is one of the key issues (and Will Wright taking the bullet for that side), one wonders how the game would have ended up if the other side won. Among the things cut during development:
    • The Molecular Stage, which would have been the first stage and involved joining together various proteins to create a cell. This stage would have played like Tetris, and was scrapped because the developers feared players would find it boring.
    • The Aquatic Stage, which would have occurred between the Cell and Creature Stages, would see the player's cell becoming a fish. This is the best-known of the cut content, as it was shown at the 2005 GDC demo. It was cut for various reasons, among them physics and pathfinding.
    • The City Stage, which would have occurred between the Tribal and Civilization Stages. This stage would be akin to the Industrial Revolution, and involve such elements agriculture, arts and crafts, crime, pollution, and sports and games. This stage was likely cut to streamline the game.
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    • The Terraforming Stage, which would have come between the Civilization and Space Stages. Not much is known about this stage, other than it would have been short and involved the player terraforming and depolluting their planet. Like the City Stage, it was likely cut to streamline the game.
    • The Hut Creator, which would have allowed the player to create their own tribal hut.
    • An advanced Cell Creator, which had upgraded parts. This can still be accessed through adding lines to the .exe.
    • The Flora Editor, which would allow players to create plantlife. This can also be accessed by adding lines to the .exe.
    • The Wanderer Philosophy in Space Stage was to have its own Consequence Ability: Species Shuffle, which would have changed all of the fauna on the planet to a different species. This was removed as it rewarded the player for doing nothing.
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    • Blood effects were to appear outside of the Cell Stage, but were removed for censorship reasons.
    • A Galactic Editor, which would allow players to manipulate the galaxy to their liking, including a gravity tool.
    • There was originally going to be different levels of sight for the eyes in the creature creator, with higher level eyes having better vision, but this was considered frustrating for players to have to wait to see well in the Creature Stage, so in the final game, all eyes have the same sight.
  • Working Title: The game was originally to be named SimEverything, but Wright considered that 1) too trite, and 2) not encompassing enough.

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