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  • Actor Allusion: Slowbeef and Diabetus often make comments based upon Retsupurae.
    • When Slowbeef finally took the time to play Metroid Prime 2 and got to Quadraxis, the very first thing to spring to his mind was SNES9X.
    • In this video from that very same LP, Diabetus mentions "light beam aquaired."
      • Similarly, Diabetus also named Part 15 of his Metroid Fusion LP DIFFUSION AQAired.'
      • Slowbeef also mentions at one point that every other Metroid flash game he has seen on Newgrounds has the word "acquired" misspelled.
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    • In this video, while discussing combination weapons from Dead Rising 2, guest Toffile asks if slowbeef ever combined the banana, knife, and rope.
    • During one part of their Dead to Rights: Retribution Let's Play, they talk about the critical reviews that the game received.
      Diabetus: A 7/10 rating usually means the game is fucking awful.
    • In one part of the Metroid Fusion LP, slowbeef mentions the folly of looking up 'Metroid' on Newgrounds.
    • In his Let's Play of the NES version of The Immortal, Slowbeef said "WHOOPS!" loudly when he kept fucking up a spell.
    • When discussing Let's Players becoming popular through websites other than Something Awful, Slowbeef mentions
    • In the Dead to Rights Let's Play, when trying to think of British phrases, Diabetus mentions "Teleport!"
    • Non-Retsupurae example: when they discover that one of Corruption's enemies is called a Snatcher, they run with it.
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  • Development Hell: The Policenauts Let's Play, which was delayed for years by slowbeef's involvement with the translation.
  • Fan Nickname: Was nicknamed "Comrade Slowbeef" by some Russian fans who assured others he had the Policenauts translation hack under control.
  • Old Shame: He feels this way about his Super Metroid LP.
    • Also his Dead To Rights LP, to a lesser extent (he feels that the commentary was fine, but wishes he could have improved the video quality).
  • What Could Have Been: He originally planned for BillyMC to guest in a Prime video, but couldn't get in touch with him.

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