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Trivia / Shenmue II

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  • Cross-Dressing Voices: In both dubs, Wong is voiced by a woman. He's voiced by Kumiko Watanabe in the Japanese dub, and is voiced by Akasha Scholen in the English dub, who also voices Shenhua in the second game.
  • Fan Nickname: Some fans refer to Fangmei as "Pikachu" instead given their shared voice actress in the original Japanese dub of the game.
  • Jossed: Some fans noticed the similar backstories (choosing an evil path in pursuit of vengeance) and physical resemblance (pale-skinned with a facial scar) between the two characters and theorized that Lan Di was really Xiuying's lost brother, Ziming. Supplemental materials soon confirmed that they are indeed separate characters.
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  • Network to the Rescue: According to Peter Moore, former COO of Sega of America at the time of the game's original release in 2001, the English dub for the XBox version of the game was only made possible from the game being published by Microsoft Studios.
  • No Export for You:
    • The game was never released on the Sega Dreamcast in North America, and the Xbox release came a year later. Many die hard fans imported even though it was expensive and required a special disc that could cancel regional lockout, but was still cheaper than buying an Xbox which had just been released. As mentioned on the main page, even local outlets such as GameStop carried the PAL version of the game with the region-lockout disc.
    • The Xbox version was not released in Japan, not surprising considering how the system performed there. However, the 2018 Compilation Re-release did, which uses the Xbox version of the sequel.
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  • The Other Darrin: In the English dub, Akasha Scholen voices Shenhua, replacing Debora Rabbai. Lisle Wilkerson voices Xiuying, replacing Amanda Satchell.
  • Unfinished Episode: The second chapter of the saga was to take place on the Ferry boat that Ryo takes to Hong Kong at the end of Chapter 1. During the trip, Chai would have snuck onto the boat and take a little girl hostage to fight Ryo again. The incident was referenced at the beginning of Shenmue II after Ryo has his photo taken, and while an unlockable comic in the XBox version of the game reveals what happened, it was originally intended to be playable with the necessary areas modeled out and the motion capture completed for it. However, because they weren't able to fit it into the game, it was cut out. Chai's model still exists on the game disc, and the script originally had other people also arriving to Hong Kong recognize Ryo and refer to him as "that one guy on the ship". Early word is that Shenmue III will include the missing chapter, perhaps as a flashback or Cold Open, meaning this may finally be averted.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The second chapter of the saga, while it exists in the story was meant to be playable. See Unfinished Episode above.
    • Prior to the game's release, interviews indicated the game was to focus on the real dangers of living alone in Hong Kong. Ryo would have to look for places to camp out and could potentially be robbed and beaten depending where he stayed. Furthermore, he would suffer injuries in fights and his in-game model would reflect bruises and cuts. Neither of these ideas made it in the final game.
    • Files in the second game revealed two scrapped locations near Guilin, Miao Village and Miao Guang Temple, where martial arts training was taking place, but was removed as it didn't fit with the tone of the rest of the game.
  • Word of Saint Paul: According to Lisle Wilkerson, who voices Yuan in the XBox English dub, despite being redubbed with a female voice in the EU version and given a female voice in the English dub, the character is still a male transvestite, and there were discussions to give him an androgynous voice (though the voice Wilkerson went with is husky enough to sort of work for either case).

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