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  • A bonus feature exclusive to the Japanese DVD of Shenmue: The Movie is a live-action comedy segment that features Masaya Matsukaze and Takumi Hagiwara, dressed as their characters Ryo and Ren respectively, visiting Shanghai to film a commercial for Shenmue II. Unfortunately, they can't find the perfect spot to recreate the scene where both characters fall off a building, the film crew is comprised of only three people (both actors and the cameraman), and they spend more time sightseeing and engaging in shenanigans that end up scaring the local townsfolk instead. You can see both parts here, although the second video hasn't been translated.
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  • There's another well-kept secret for obtaining a special duck to enter in the hidden duck races. The cutscene where Ryo shows off his new duck to Izumi is priceless, especially when the duck's lines are translated in the subtitles:
    Duck: "I'm gonna kick some ass! Watch me, baby!"
  • There's also something funny about Izumi when you think about it. After everything he's gone through in Japan, wiping out the Mad Angels, he can end up getting completely and utterly destroyed by that cute and adorable Tomato Convenience Store clerk.
  • One of the many questions Fangmei can ask Ryo is whether he prefers "Beautiful" or "Cute". Whichever answer the player chooses, he'll mention that one is more easy to tame and train than the other. Confused, Fangmei asks him what he's talking about. He thinks they're talking about cats.
    Fangmei: I give up.
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  • Ryo's co-worker Delin can teach him the Brawling Uppercut when he's looking for Ren. If Ryo practices the move long enough, Delin will offer to show him the move one more time. If he does, he'll move past the edge and fall right into the water.
  • When Ryo has to chase down one of the Heavens in Aberdeen, he can go for the defenseless Cool Z. Since the big lug doesn't know how to fight and tries to make another run for it, Ryo instead takes his precious boombox hostage and torments him with the threat of destroying it unless he tells him what he needs to know. With the way Cool Z reacts to the whole thing, you'd think Ryo was threatening a child or his very soul.
  • Ren vs. an Elevator. He gets impatient and tries kicking the door note , only for it to open on him and he falls right in. Ryo nonchalantly walks inside and presses the button, paying no attention to what just happened. When they walk out, Ren's shown holding his side.
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  • When Ren tricks Dou Niu using Yuan's talking parrot and traps the big lug in the closet.
    Ren: Serves you right, stupid Dou Niu!
    Parrot: Stupid Dou Niu! Stupid Dou Niu!
    Dou Niu: *yells angrily*
  • When Ryo finds Greg More, Ren offers a challenge. He does some trash talking, places a bet and pushes Ryo onto the ring. Ryo wins the fight, but is surprised to see that Ren's angry at him and doesn't understand why. Ryo then realizes that Ren bet against him.
  • In the Yellow Head Headquarters, there's a scene where Dou Niu chases down Ryo and Ren. If you fail the QTE, you're given one last chance to save yourself. Succeed, and Ryo will get out of the way before he's stomped on by Dou Niu. The floor finally gives away, sending Dou Niu falling below, who gets himself stuck in the floor below.
    Dou Niu: Wait right there, I'll kill you!
    Ryo: I've gotta get moving. Bye.
  • In Guilin, Ryo seems almost shocked that Shenhua hunts and eats rabbit. When they arrive at her house and she cooks him dinner, he's again surprised that what they're eating is a rabbit she caught.

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