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Trivia / Servants of the Empire

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  • Approval of God: When he revealed on his blog that there was almost a scene where baby Armitage Hux would be seen being cared for by his father's droid, he mentioned that someone drew awesome fanart of baby Hux in the arms of his creepy nanny droid.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Jason Fry cringes at the fan theory that Zare and Finn are related due to the fanbase making Unfortunate Implications. Presumably, this also means that it is Jossed, but it is worth noting that Zare and Dhara aren't Fry's original characters and the Lucasfilm Story Group are the ones that call the shots before anyone else can.
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    • On a softer note, Jason Fry does agree with the complaints that the last two sections of The Secret Academy feel rushed and says that it's a lesson learned for him.
    • Fry has mentioned that if Servants of the Empire gets compiled into a single volume, he wants to remove the final line of the series, finding the penultimate line to be more impactful.
  • Tuckerization: Merei's surname, Spanjaf, comes from combining two of Jason Fry's friends' names.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Had Dhara gone unnamed in "Breaking Ranks", Fry would've named her 'Jolie'.
    • Fry wanted Zare to run into Beck inside the tower as a Cliffhanger to "Imperial Justice", but ultimately had to save it for the next book.
    • Zare was going to attend a full year at the Academy rather than get a midyear transfer. The top cadet would be transferred to Arkanis, so Chiron would've backed up Zare, while Roddance would've backed up Oleg. As Fry wasn't expecting the Grand Inquisitor to die at the end of Season 1, he fell back on a throwaway line he made about midyear transfers.
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    • Roddance originally came along with Chiron to Arkanis as a part of the "valedictorian" storyline described above.
    • Anya Razar and Captain Phasma being one and the same was considered at one point.
    • It was also considered that there could be a scene where Hux's droid, DDM-38, would be seen pushing a certain red-haired baby in a pram.
    • Old Jho helping Holshef, the Leonises, and the Spanjafs escape Lothal was a last resort for Fry, who originally considered using the Ghost crew (Merei would've contacted them via Jho, and Ezra would've persuaded the others to pay their debt to Zare, but it was scratched as the show stated that the rebels didn't want to be near Lothal after the Mustafar fiasco), then Lando (which Fry then felt would be an Ass Pull in the context of the story and an unnecessary cameo).
  • Word of God:
    • The reason why the only members of the crew that go save Zare and co. from Arkanis are Ezra, Sabine, and Zeb (excused in-universe as the trio sneaking off to help) is because if Kanan was there, he would've sensed Dhara's dark-side tantrum and would've asked more about what happened to her. Fry wanted to save this for later.
    • Geseral Beta is supposed to be the unnamed world that rained shards of glass on Ania Solo in Star Wars: Legacy.


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