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Fridge Brilliance

  • We learn that there are other ministries on Lothal, such as the Agriculture Ministry (of which includes an Assistant Vice Minister Sarkos), Transportation Ministry, Security Ministry, and so forth, all having to do with civilian issues. These ministries are all Imperial departments, but we're not given any indication that these specific ministries are common galaxywide and it's possible that these have been on Lothal before the reign of the Empire. Minister Tua was probably in charge of all of these ministries on Lothal and Governor Pryce was probably the one who was supposed to deal with the mainly-Imperial operations.

Fridge Horror

  • Kallus isn't above using children of rebel sympathizers as hostages, but he presumably does send the kids to foster care afterwards. Considering the Empire is likely in charge of that, it might not be good. In "Through Imperial Eyes", he's shown to have at least some indication of what the Empire does, like executing treasonous officers (especially those that leak secrets to the enemy), so he might've found out that taking those kids away from their families into Imperial foster care was probably Not Quite the Right Thing. (In other notes, in real life, there actually has been a case of giving young children of rebels to loyalists and/or higher-class individuals that would probably be loyal to what gave them their position looking for children to adopt or foster; see National Reorganization Process.)

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