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Characters / Servants of the Empire

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All character tropes should go on the Star Wars character pages. The characters from Servants of the Empire are listed below with the character page they are currently on.

The character index for Rebels is here.

Characters in Servants of the Empire

  • Rebel Alliance
    • Rebel Alliance Navy
      • Crew of the Ghost: Hera Syndulla, Ezra Bridger, Garazeb Orrelios, Sabine Wren, Chopper, Alexsandr Kallusnote 
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    • Rebel Cells
  • Galactic Empire: Brendol Hux, Anya Razar/Commandant's Cadets, Penn Zarang.
  • Planets and Races
    • Outer Rim Territories
      • Lothal: Maketh Tuanote , Old Jho, Zare Leonis, Merei Spanjaf, Dhara Leonis, Ames Bunkle, Beck Ollet, Leo and Tepha Leonis, Aunty Nags, Gandr and Jessa Spanjaf, Jai Kell, Holshef, Janus Fhurek, Ramset.
  • Criminals: Grey Syndicate (Yahenna Laxo).


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