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Trivia / Princess Tutu

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  • Anime First: The manga adaptation was published a few days before the end of the anime series.
  • Blooper: The English dub accidentally keeps a hilarious outtake in the official track for episode 18 when Fakir looks at a pile of papers, where he says he'll write a letter to the President. The Japanese version had him stay silent.
  • DVD Commentary: Included in the North American and Australian releases of the show. Some are of the voice actors (and are usually goofy), but others include the staff that wrote the dub explaining some of the references in the show and choices they made during translation. One even explains how the packaging was designed!
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  • Production Posse: Ikuko Itoh and Junichi Sato, who were responsible for much of the creative direction for this anime, previously both worked on Sailor Moon and Magic User's Club.
  • The Wiki Rule: Princess Tutu Wiki.