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Quotes / Princess Tutu

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  • Edel
    • “The beginning of a story is a sudden event; the start, a happy accident, the end, the fate for which it's meant. A story that never ends is a sad fate.”
    • “Truth is a shy little thing. If you approach it, it will hide. Truth is a lonesome little thing. If you move away from it, it will give chase.”
    • “May those who accept their fate be granted Happiness, may those who defy their fate be granted Glory.”
  • Drosselmeyer
    • “Stories aren't always guaranteed a happily ever after.”
    • “There's nothing more boring than a perfect heroine!”
    • “And so, the prince and the princess lived happily ever... Happily!? Happiness in stories is, at most, a trifling matter of a couple of lines at the end — the epitome of boredom. Now, show me a magnificent tragedy! A cataclysm of tears from which not one of the players is saved, and to which a happy ending never comes!”
    • “Welcome to the stage I've been saving. Now. tell me the best story that was ever told! Tell it to me with no regard for your lives!“
  • The Oak Tree
    • “What you can see cannot be seen. What you can hear makes no sound.”
    • “See what cannot be seen. Hear what cannot be heard.”
    • “Submerge yourself in the bog of truth that lies far, far away.”
    • “Everything is one. One is everything. All stories are spun into one... The beginning is the end. The end is the beginning. The start is a happy accident. The end, the fate for which it's meant. Existence is false. Truth is nothingness.”
  • Fakir
    • “I just want the power to protect people.”
    • “She couldn’t be drowning in there, could she? Can ducks drown? No, knowing her, it’s possible.”