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  • Disowned Adaptation: Bruce Timm more or less implied in an interview for Justice League: Gods and Monsters that he isn't a fan of Harley Quinn's New 52 redesign and those derived from it, hence Harley's death in the tie-in web miniseries Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles being a Take That! to New 52!Harley..
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  • Old Shame: Dan Didio admitted going total Continuity Reboot was a mistake going into the DC Rebirth, stating that there was no real unified voice to direct the characters after doing away with the history.
  • Troubled Production: Hoo boy.
    • Most of the creators were only given notice 3-4 months in advance prior to Flashpoint, resulting in many of the stories that were being told at the time either getting rushed endings or being outright Cut Short, on top of creators not being given time to get ready for being assigned to new work.
    • There was no official word on what storylines were and were not in continuity, meaning that it was never clear if X event had happened - this was due to DC taking a stance on previous canon that basically boiled down to "it happened in some form until new material contradicts it". Which made it hard not just for readers who were getting into the DCU because of the reboot (making it hard for them to determine what events they should go back and read), but also for the writers as well, since they'd have to make sure no other writers were planning on pushing X storyline into Canon Discontinuity...which, due to the lack of a unified voice, often didn't happen. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that several storylines followed up on pre-Flashpoint storylines, not to mention that in the case of Batman, it wasn't so much a reboot for him as it was merely giving him a new set of storylines, since not only was he still established to be active before the start, but the relatively new Damian Waynenote  was his active Robin, as opposed to Dick Graysonnote  or Tim Drakenote , on top of almost all of his previous Robinsnote  being in continuity.
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    • Rob Liefeld, notorious for Schedule Slip, was hired for 3 books, later quitting quite loudly.
    • Gail Simone was fired in an email for no reason, despite the book she was working on selling well and receiving good reviews, then promptly hired back over an email.


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