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Trivia / Moon

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  • Acting for Two: Sam Rockwell as the different Sam Bells. And Acting For Three, in one shot.
  • Common Knowledge: Many believe that Duncan Jones set off to make the film using practical effects as a stylistic choice, when according to miniature artist Bill Pearson Jones originally commissioned his team to build the EVA suit helmet only, and came back asking them to create the rest of the moonbase environments and vehicles when he learned that doing them practically would've been cheaper than doing them with CGI effects. To save further on production costs, Jones re-used several sets from an abandoned Red Dwarf movie.
  • The Danza: Sam Bell, played by Sam Rockwell. The part was written specifically for Rockwell after he expressed an interest in science fiction.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Practically the entire film was filmed on a moon base set which was built as a single unit and entirely closed in. This led to cast and crew feeling trapped and isolated — exactly what the story was going for.