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Trivia / Limbo (2010)

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  • Follow the Leader: The game is very similar in many ways to Lucidity, except the latter is Lighter and Fluffier, and colorful. Deadlight takes the same aesthetic and play mechanics and puts it in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Fan Nickname: The white slug creatures are called "brain slugs" or "maggots" by fans.
    • Some fans refer to the player character as "Limboy", while a Youtube commenter called him "CJ"
  • Shrug of God: Creator Arnt Jensen has said that he prefers media that has no concrete meanings or endings to it and thus applied it to Limbo. He left clues in the game to help "solve" the plot, but expressed concern that one internet theorynote  came too close to his vision and that he should have offered less in-game clues.
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  • What Could Have Been: According to some concept art for the tribal kids, they were supposed to have glowing eyes much like the player character.
  • The Wiki Rule: Can be found here.


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