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Awesome / Limbo (2010)

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  • After being chased by that spider for a good chunk of the game, it's very cathartic to rip off its last remaining limb and throw it into a pit of spikes.
  • Getting rid of those goddamn brain slugs.
  • Killing any of the murderous children without being able to fight back, by using the traps around you, and in one case, just letting the spider do it for you.
  • When you're being chased by the murderous children, at one point the Spider starts pursuing you. You think you've escaped it, but then it comes out with one of the children impaled on its leg. Say what you will about it, but it is definitely persistent.
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  • The spider gets another moment when you kill it. It continues to crawl towards you as it dies, and eventually you have to personally rip its last leg off to stop it. It's both Nightmare Fuel and this.


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