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  • Author Existence Failure: Announcer Jerry Bishop died on April 21, 2020 of heart disease. His vocal work was kept throughout the remainder of Season 24 and at least part of Season 25.
  • California Doubling: The entire show has New York touches around it, such as scenic footage of New York, the New York state seal and flag on the set, and goes more by the New York law books for their arbitration. However, the show is taped at the Sunset Bronson Studios in Los Angeles, and Judy flies in from the East Coast to tape a cluster of shows at a time several times a season.
  • Cast the Expert:
    • Though she's not acting as a sitting judge on the show, Judith Sheindlin is a member of the New York bar and really did spend many years as a judge. There is a reason why she has given talks at prestigious institutions such as the Oxford Union, despite being a host for what is essentially a daytime reality television show: she legitimately does know the legal system and is a brilliant lawyer.
    • Byrd counts as one, as he was a court bailiff for many years, sometimes with Judge Judy in court. He was also a Special Deputy U.S. Marshall in California later on. When he read that Judith Sheindlin was getting a show, he sent a letter giving his congratulations and joked in the letter saying that his bailiff outfit still fit if she needed him. Judge Judy called him when she got the letter and offered him the job.
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  • He Also Did: 1970s Game Show fans may recognize announcer Jerry Bishop from The Cross Wits, while 1980s child viewers may instead recognize him for announcing various promos on the Disney Channel.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only a handful of official DVDs have ever been released since the show started, which now are extremely expensive. While there are clips that float around, older full length episodes are very hard to find on the internet.
  • Reality Subtext: A side effect of the above California Doubling was revealed in a 2008 episode when an earthquake struck during filming.


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