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Trivia / Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

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  • Fan Nickname: Many fans have resorted to calling Valvatorez "Val". A bit of an In-Series Nickname as well since Fenrich occasionally calls him "Lord Val".
    • Similarly, many called Fenrich "Fenfen" which eventually made its way into the English version as Fuka's nickname for him.
  • I Knew It!: In series, when Vulcanus is revealed to be Artina, Fuka declares that she called it ages ago, and then complains about how undramatic the reveal was.
    • And she's completely right, the game wasn't even trying to pretend that it was a secret.
      • Also given her boss, Flonne, just casually reveals this "twist", not even realizing it was a secret. Said boss's identity is a bigger twistnote , and the opening drops a hint. Honestly, only Valvatorez is shocked by the reveal...
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  • Name's the Same: The pink-haired angel girl's name is Vulcanus, which is also the name of Celestia's former archangel.
  • The Other Darrin: Prier and Zetta, switching from Richard Epcar to Patrick Seitz. In the Netherbattle Tournament, Asaginote . Impressively, the rest of the returning characters retain their original voice actors.
    • How much Asagi falls under this trope is debatable. Her Japanese voice actress changes every game, which is mocked by Prinny 2's ads for Asagi Wars (She even comments in that game she "Has the same voice for the first time").
    • Sadly, Troy Baker did not return as Valvatorez for the Vita-exclusive content. Instead, he is replaced by Matthew Mercer note .

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