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Ho Yay / Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

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Fuka: Uhh, Fen-Fen, do you swing that way?
Fuka (again): So is that really just your relationship? Master and servant?

  • Fenrich is really devoted to his lord, which Fuka lampshades a few times. He even gets a boost whenever he's adjacent to him in battle! On top of that, he really hates anyone who shows affection towards him. Thus why he despises Artina.
  • Create an Android, and it mentions Val/Fen slash. Yes.
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  • Somewhere near to the end of the game, it seems that Fuka, Desco and Vulcanus/Artina started to fangirl over their relationship.
  • Also, with the Legendary Tree, you can set any two characters as "lovers". Yes, any two. This will get you a cutscene where they hold hands and give each other loving looks.
  • The song "Naked Requiem" played at the end of Tyrant Valvatorez mode seems to be sung from the point of view of Fenrich. It also has some...suggestive lyrics.
  • Fenrich's affection for Valvatorez is also questioned in Dimensions 2 by Etna if she stands right next to him in battle. She describes it as "That type of relationship" similar to how she describes Adell and Rozalin's relationship causing him to lash out at her personally but not denying the relationship they share is more than just one of trust.
    • If you max out his affection with anyone, he is very quick to deny any feelings for Valvatorez...yet the problem with that is all he talks about when you max out his affection is his Lord and when talking to Valvatorez, he states that Val can use his body for whatever he wishes.
    • Its also to be noted that because D2 takes place way before Disgaea 4 that one can easily see Fenrich is in denial when asked about his relationship with Valvatorez. So come Disgaea 4 and the question doesn't stir him as much anymore as if he accepted his feelings and doesn't want Artina to get near him.
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  • In the Fuka & Desco Show, during one of the Eyecatches, Fuka ends up knocking Valvatorez over. Fenrich catches him, and this happens. Also, this happens with Fuka and Desco in one of the On the Next segments.
  • In the Netherbattle Tournament, Tyrant Valvatorez tells Fenrich that he was conjured up by his desires, which Tyrant Val claims is his desire for him to win the tournament and rule the Netherworld. However, based on Fenrich's dialogue and sprite, it's clear that he desired something else from Tyrant Val.
  • Speaking of Fuka and Desco, there's definitely a lot of Les Yay between them, especially on Desco's end with her being as loyal to her Big Sis as Fenrich is to Val. Oh and yes, they are sisters, but they're Not Blood Siblings.
    • During the Flonne segment of the post-game stories, both Fuka and Desco briefly suffer Mind Control and are obsessed with spreading love to everyone. When they snap out of it, Emizel says he was worried that Fuka was really confessing love to him. Desco says that had better not be the case because "Big Sis belongs to Desco!"
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  • Create an Alraune and you get a cutscene where "she" is speaking to a crowd of adoring fans. Another character shows up to announce that the Alraune's educational background is fabricated, because it consists entirely of girls' schools...and the Alraune is actually a guy! The crowd doesn't care, and admits they "don't mind a little trap action" as long as "she's" cute.
    • Possibly subverted in that, the Alrune class actually gets bonuses from anything that affects female units. So s/he apparently lied about lying. Or did s/he?
    • The Alraune convict in Hades is so impressed with the characters' deeds, that she insists one of them date her. Any of them.

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