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Trivia / Deathmate

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  • Creator Killer: As stated elsewhere, this was one thing that helped kill Valiant Comics.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Since the copyright status of the title was complicated even at the time of publication, given that the rights to the Image characters were divided between Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Mark Silvestri, and Todd McFarlane, and since the ownership situation has complicated even further since then (Turok and Solar are now owned by Dreamworks, Jim Lee's characters are owned by Warner Bros., and Rob Liefeld has lost creative control over Youngblood) the chances of Deathmate ever being reprinted are next to none. Thankfully, since the series was massively over-printed, the original issues are neither rare nor expensive.
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  • Schedule Slip: Image Comics's habit of falling into this was arguably one of the key factors that led to the decline of Valiant - Valiant's issues were released on time, but because they only told half of the story, comic fans were left hanging, on top of the fact that, due to the issues being color-coded rather than numbered, fans were unsure if they were starting at the right place or not.

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