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  • Adaptation First: The Da Capo TV anime was fansubbed, some of the spinoff manga were scanlated, and some routes of Da Capo Plus Communication were fan translated. But in regards to official translations, the original H game is a rare exception! Unlike many romance games and visual novels go, a professional translation of Da Capo was released in January 2009 by Mangagamer.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: Since the release of the original game in 2002, Circus has released endless fandiscs and renewed versions, two sequels and an otome game spin-off, with no plans of stopping soon.
  • The Other Darrin: It's complicated.
    • DC (PC original) -> DCPS (PS2 enhanced port): EVERY single character had to be recast with non-eroge voice actors and actresses. The new characters introduced in DCPS all started off with one.
    • DCPS —> DCPC (PC re-port): All the new characters had their all-ages voice talents replaced with eroge voice talents.
    • Over the years: Sayaka Aoki replaced the original 18+ voice actress for Miharu and Utamaru starting with DCPC, while Ayana Taketatsu will voice her in the upcoming Time Paladin Sakura. Nemu's original voice actress retired in mid-2007, so that role, plus the role of Sayaka Shirakawa from Suika was passed onto Mai Goto. Suginami's 18+ voice actor was replaced by his all-ages counterpart, Daisuke Kishio, starting in Da Capo II, but was brought back to voice the DCI Suginami in the Da Capo Dream Christmas fandisc released in December 2010.


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