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  • Fan Nickname: Some like to call her The Doctor of Huganomics. "Grand Slam Bayley" also caught on for obvious reasons after Money in the Bank 2019. After her heel turn in 2019, fans have run with calling themselves "Bayley's Bitches" due to her now iconic first heel promo where she completely severed her connection with the fans after 7 years of being their hero. Bayley herself even retweeted fan pictures of Finn Balor holding edited crowd signs with the title, making this one of the quickest Approval of God nicknames ever!
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  • Jossed: Denies the rumor that she and Sasha Banks "threw a tantrum" backstage after dropping the Women's Tag Team titles.
    "We read all the stupid rumors and it’s ridiculous. There’s no proof of it and it’s people just spreading these rumors because they want to talk, they want something to start up. We literally watched the main event in person by the hard cam and enjoyed the women stealing the show.”
  • Playing Against Type: 2019 saw her make a heel turn for the first time in her WWE career. She had rarely been the heel beforehand either.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Bay-Mella for her friendship with Carmella.
  • Promoted Fanboy: She's been a wrestling fan since the age of eleven and started wrestling at eighteen.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • When she was first signed, she wrestled several live events wearing a mask and using the name "Luchadora".note  A picture from an FCW live event can be seen here.
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    • Prior to Becky Lynch's TV debut, they were wrestling on live events wearing matching outfits and doing synchronised moves. They tagged together once on TV but nothing else came of it.
    • Her and Finn Bálor spent a short period of time doing some very fanservicey things, including a Dirty Dancing-inspired segment during an NXT show when the cameras were off. It's still unsure whether this was an Aborted Arc (whether just for the pairing itself or for an NXT "Bálor Club" angle), Word of God acknowledging fans shipping them or if they were actually dating off-screen for a while. It's probably the second option.
    • Bayley was originally supposed to be the one called up to TV with Charlotte and Sasha Banks but she was injured at the time, and so the spot was given to Becky Lynch instead. If one looks at Becky's role in the storyline - as the lone Morality Pet and All-Loving Hero in Team PCB - it was rather obviously written for Bayley. Likewise on NXT, Becky had just had a title match with Sasha Banks, so presumably she would have been pushed as NXT Women's Champion in the way Bayley was eventually.

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