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  • The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling (or at least his voice actor) regularly puts Title Drops in his voice clips.
    "Time is a one way street...except in the Twilight Zone."
    "Dance with the Devil at your own the Twilight Zone."
    "The stakes are the Twilight Zone."
    "It's time to tune in to...the Twilight Zone."
    "Never underestimate the the Twilight Zone."
  • Whenever you start a game of Attack from Mars, the opening narration contains one of these:
    "Reports are coming in from all over the world... The Earth is under attack! An attack... from Mars!"
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  • When going to "Stiff-O-Meter" mode in Scared Stiff:
    The Stiff in the Coffin: Turn out the lights, it's time to get Scared Stiff!
  • The Attract Mode of Black Hole has a Machine Monotone voice asking "Do you dare to enter the black hole?"
    • An alternate one goes "No one escapes the black hole!"
  • Done in one of the Attract Mode displays for Big Bang Bar.
  • A variation occurs in Metallica, where the titles of the band's various songs and albums are used throughout the game, especially in the callouts and game modes.
  • "Pin Bot...circuits...activated!"
  • "Fast Break" is one of the combo shots in NBA Fastbreak.


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