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Timeline / The Longest Journey Saga

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Game Event Date Reference
The Longest Journey April meets Cortez in the Roma Gallery July 28, 2209 April's diary (TLJ)
Ibid. April travels to Arcadia and back July 29, 2209 Ibid.
Ibid. April helps Warren Hughes and Burns Flipper July 30, 2209 Ibid.
Ibid. Back in Arcadia, April travels north with Crow July 31, 2209 Ibid.
Ibid. April defeats Roper Klacks August 1, 2209 Ibid.
Ibid. April sinks the White Dragon August 3, 2209 Ibid.
Ibid. April kills the Snapjaw for Maerum August 4, 2209 Ibid.
Ibid. April helps the Alatien and meets the Blue Kin August 5, 2209 Ibid.
Ibid. April returns to Stark,
meets Gordon Halloway and Lady Alvane,
reforges the Stone Disc in Arcadia,
witnesses the deaths of three Kin,
and takes the Star Map from dying Burns
August 6, 2209 Ibid.
Ibid. April enters the Guardian's Realm August 7, 2209 Ibid.
The Collapse August 8, 2209 Memorial in Propast (DFC)
Faith dies, creating the static November 3, 2218 Jeanine Park's diary (DF)
Dreamfall Zoë finds a corpse in Reza's apartment January 21, 2219 Compiled chronology
Ibid. Zoë travels to Newport, then to Arcadia January 22, 2219 Ibid.
Ibid. Zoë wakes up and travels to Japan January 23, 2219 Ibid.
Ibid. Zoë infiltrates the Dreamcore January 24, 2219 Ibid.
Ibid. Zoë's three-day cloudship trip in Arcadia January 25, 2219 Ibid.
Ibid. The rebel camp massacre
Zoë visits the Saint Petersburg lab
January 28, 2219 Ibid.
Ibid. Zoë falls into a coma in Casablanca January 29, 2219 Ibid.
Dreamachines' public release April 2219 Dreamfall epilogue
Dreamfall Chapters Zoë wakes up from coma April 3, 2220 Zoë's journalnote  (DFC)
Ibid. Queenie asks Zoë to look for Hanna July 24, 2220 Ibid.
Ibid. Baruti asks Zoë to investigate Uminska July 31, 2220 Ibid.
Ibid. Nela's suicide bombing August 10, 2220 Ibid.
Ibid. Zoë leaves for Arcadia September 28, 2220 Ibid.

Alternative Title(s): The Longest Journey, Dreamfall The Longest Journey, Dreamfall Chapters


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