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Trivia / The Longest Journey Saga

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    Common to the series 
  • Creator's Favorite: Ragnar Tørnquist, the creator of the series, stated on numerous occasions that Crow is his favorite character in the series.

    The Longest Journey 
  • Blooper: When April returns home from Arcadia, and her friend Emma is shot by Holloway, April mentions in her diary about both Emma and Zach being killed, except Zach's death hasn't occurred just yet in the game (it happens just moments later, though)

    Dreamfall Chapters 
  • Expy: The administrator in Ge'en, Sister Alessandra, is seen as one for Josef Mengele.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: During the Reapmoon's Eve portion of the game, Kian can stumble upon a couple having sex.
  • Lying Creator: Despite promises that a stealth mechanic wouldn't be present in the game, due to the criticism it received in Dreamfall, stealth sections do appear in Books 2 and 4, though they are a lot simpler and more forgiving compared to the ones in Dreamfall. It is even Lampshaded, as getting discovered unlocks an achievement named "I thought there wouldn't be stealth!"
  • Development Hell: The game was announced in 2007 but wasn't released until 2014. That's longer than it took to deliver the original Dreamfall after The Longest Journey, except this time, Tørnquist apparently had the whole plot gathering dust for six goddamn years.
  • The Other Darrin: Many actors were replaced, barring a few. Most characters from The Longest Journey keep their original voices. Zoe's change in voice is handwaved as being an after affect from spending so much time in a coma.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: This trailer which consists of mostly pre-alpha footage, and an alternate design for Zoe, also features a brief appearance of Benrime (the owner of the tavern "The Journey Man"). Said character never appears in the game, and is only alluded to once when Crow reveals she's dead.
  • Schedule Slip: The Final Cut was intended to be released in March 2017, but was released in July after some of this. The Devs have made fun of this in the update.
  • Series Continuity Error: Lady Alvane's fireplace room, for the most part looks about as it did in The Longest Journey. There is some added detail here and there due to this game being made with a more sophisticated game engine, but there's still some inexcusable changes that are noticeable if one watches Alvane's scenes from the first game, and the ending scene from this game back-to-back. For one thing, in this game, Alvane has openings above the doors so Crow can fly around freely, which were not there in The Longest Journey. The books on her shelf are different from what April originally saw, and Alvane has a cane in the final scene, an accessory she did not have in the first game.
  • Word of Gay: The developers had to confirm Kian was gay in a forum post after some dialogue with Enu brought up the question.

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