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    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey 
  • There is one thing that bothers me about Emma and Charlie in Dreamfall. In TLJ Charlie is the one who seems to believe that there is something "beyond" or rather things that may not be possible to explain logically, Emma is the scetptical one. When April talks with him after this night when a Banda appears in the cafe, HE is the one insisting that these were probably not drug effects or hologram. If April tells both her friends about her mission later in the game, Charlie is the one who appears to believe her more easily than Emma. Yet in Dreamfall he is presented as being always sceptical about April's words and about the supernatural in general, when Emma was supposedly the one who never doubted April's words, even at the beginning.
    • Yeah, it's an odd flip. I don't know if this will totally explain it (probably not). In the first game, Charlie is in love with April. Emma, being just a friend, may be playing devil's advocate and questioning April's beliefs while Charlie is just accepting of them partly because he wants April to like him back and partly because of the Banda incident. It's kind of typical of people in love not to argue with the object of their affections, even if what they're telling you is completely off the wall. One thing to remember, though, is Emma's sculpture of the Maerum Queen in the first game. Ten years goes by, April is missing. Many characters in Dreamfall either start out disillusioned (Zoe, April, Charlie) or become disillusioned (Kian) as time goes by. So Charlie has given up on his dream of being a dancer and now is a manager at the one place where he said he didn't want to be in The Longest Journey. He may have forgotten the Banda incident (this is not unusual), and he has probably given April up for dead. So he now has no reason to hold back on questioning April's beliefs. It may also seem to him that April got herself mixed up in something she shouldn't have—especially considering Vanguard was after her and shot Emma—and her associating with Cortez (the "resident lunatic" in the first game) may make him think that maybe April was unstable. Emma is the one that realizes in TLJ that Cortez is actually a really smart guy. She's also the successful one that had her dreams come true, and one of the few people in the game not suffering from any disillusionment. Her sculpture in the first game may hint that she is a Dreamer like Zoe, though perhaps not as strong as Zoe, or else she has some other kind of power not yet explained.
  • Why is it, whenever Zoe gets transported to the Faith's world, she gets reduced to her underwear? Besides, the obvious reason. It doesn't seem to serve much purpose. And, even stranger is Zoe doesn't seem to notice her clothes are gone.
  • Just before Zoe sets out on her journey to find Reza, she gets a text from Jema, chewing Zoe out for missing her gym appointment. One player on YouTube tried to see what happens if they have Zoe keep her gym appointment before looking into Reza's disappearance, and they found the gym closed. So... how would Zoe have been able to keep her appointment with Jema if the gym was closed?

    Dreamfall Chapters 
  • So the achievement Baby Papa, is that meant to imply that Magnus is Zoe's child?
  • How is everybody in the game (but Crow) so nonchalant about April's death? She has upturned Kian's entire life and beliefs, was romantically involved with Likho, and was an essential field commander of the Resistance, yet they only ever mention her once or twice, as if the entire group has just collectively decided to never talk about her.
    • The game starts a year after her death. The Resistance still mourns her, but their work goes on and dwelling upon the fallen for that length of time will not be conducive toward their survival.

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