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    Fridge Brilliance 

The Longest Journey

  • The line about how Arcadia is not a fairy tale world is possibly foreshadowing. The Gribbler asks April for help, appearing somewhat like the Secret Test of Character you see in some Fairy Tales. However, when the Gribbler reveals her true colours, it is defeated by being thrown into the oven - essentially fairy tale logic.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

  • Why are elite state-sanctioned Azadi assassins called "Apostles", when there is nothing particularly Christian about their missions? Because "apostle" means simply "messenger" in Ancient Greek, and as such, can refer both to peaceful missionaries and to CIA-like overseas assassins.

Dreamfall Chapters

  • Damien's vanishing could be him knowing he didn't have time left, so he intentionally vanished and left Zoë behind so she wouldn't be executed as an accomplice.
  • It is quite amusing that one of the gangsters addresses Zoe in Cantonese (prompting her reply "I don't speak Cantonese" and the note in her diary that she should get down to learning it), because her mother, Helena Chang, is from Hong Kong, according to Word of God. It doesn't necessary mean that Cantonese is Chang's first language, but makes it pretty likely. The question is, of course, if the gangster in question knows of Zoe's identity...
    • It might be that she has some Asian visual cues that the game doesn't properly represent but make her noticeable as being mixed race.
  • It's very strongly implied that Queenie is Saga in the future... or rather, Lady Alvane. There are a few things to suggest this:
    • In book one, Zoë gives Biju to Queenie as an offering. This seems almost like nothing - after all, alcohol is a reliable gift, especially Chinese alcohol. We never know what happened to it, it was just put on a shelf. ...or was it? Remember in Book Five when Saga needs alcohol for a potion? What does she use? Biju. Queenie somehow gives it to Saga in the past, ensuring that Zoë will keep it on track.
    • The two characters not only share the same voice actor, but should you look at Alvane's face, you'll notice that she has a very similar facial structure to Queenie... and similar eye shadow. This argument is lent extra credence by the fact that the devs already used a similar hint in Dreamfall, where the Prophet's face was visible in a single (extremely desaturated) frame of a single cutscene, but the fans have observed a striking similarity between his facial model and that of Brian Westhouse, whom Chapters revealed to have been the Prophet all along. So the devs are no strangers to hiding story clues in 3D character models.
    • When she thinks about sitting down in the comfy chair, she will mention the robotic dragonfly. As in, the one she was messing around with as Queenie the whole time.

    Fridge Horror 

The Longest Journey

  • As revealed by Dreamfall, a big event called "The Collapse" happened after this game... how many NPCs wound up suffering or dying as a result?
    • As revealed by Dreamfall Chapters, it wasn't even possible to count more or less accurately.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

  • When Zoë returns to Casablanca at the end of the game, she can stop by Olivia's store to find that it's closed, and Olivia is never spoken to again in the game. Dreamfall Chapters reveals That Olivia was killed in an "accident" - meaning she might have died before the events of Dreamfall are over.

Dreamfall Chapters

  • Damien vanished without a word in Dreamfall - as we find out in Dreamfall Chapters, he was blamed for a conspiracy and he committed suicide (though it is implied that he was actually murdered). Uh oh...
  • Olivia was killed in an accident offscreen (again, with the implication that she was actually murdered)... Think back to Dreamfall. When Zoë returns to Casablanca, Olivia's store is closed... Oh no.
  • Those people who are addicted to the Dreamachine might not actually be simple drug addicts. As was shown in the very beginning of the game, people get stuck in their nightmares and needed Zoe to get them out. They might simply be stuck in their nightmares and unable to awaken.
    • This one might not be true. If you try to talk to them they tell you to leave them alone or something like that.
  • In book three, Zoë treats her incarceration by the rebels as a minor inconvenience because she doesn't realize that she is not sleeping safely back at Mira's place in Stark. In other words, she doesn't know yet that she was dreaming herself into Europolis all along and may still be under the impression that whatever happens to her in Arcadia is not "real", anyway. But depending on where her real body actually is, the consequences of the rebels applying some Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique may potentially be horrifying.
    • For extra horror: If you had Kian refuse to torture the Azadi officer and leave Likho behind in the end of book three, guess who's gonna be all too eager to apply some JBIT to the potential spy?


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