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The Longest Journey

  • The Longest Journey may be a old game with graphics from the stone age, but its storyline, characters and dialogue (not to mention Crow) is what makes it one of the greatest games ever.

Dreamfall Chapters

  • Kian Alvane is made of sheer distilled awesome, using his Genius Bruiser personality and quick thinking to accomplish incredible things, among them:
    • A prison break, made possible by burning oil off of a chain using flaming arrows.
    • Detecting a mole by scent alone
    • Blowing up a store of weapons
    • Sneaking into the a headquarters and rescuing a Dolmari girl from a rapist.
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    • Figuring out the secret behind the Azadi tubes in one night.
    • Mounting a one-man mission to rescue Bip.
  • Mother Utana, despite being a simple elderly woman, manages to silence Sister Sahya with nothing but words and a firm will.
  • Ferdows, the young engineer, confronts a general. Despite not having any weapons, running on sheer unbridled fury when he learns magicals, including children, are being rounded up and murdered.
    • His actions in the Finale as well.
  • Zoe discovers the truth behind WATIcorp's buying of the elections pretty much all by herself.
  • Nela, despite realizing the supposed EMP she was given was actually an antimatter bomb, sets it off anyway, a Heroic Sacrifice she knows will make her and her party look bad. She knows that, since WATIcorp is getting what it wants, it won't be able to bury the story, and someone else can take them out.
  • Hanna is able to take out EYEs without any weapons.
  • Provided you do not distract Falk by throwing your Dreammachine at him, he will quite calmly shoot EYEs with headshots from his silenced pistol, granting Zoe time to flee.
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  • Zoe sneaks through a warehouse crawling with enemies, with nothing but a bot and some switchable personality modules. And she succeeds.
  • Zoe faces the Yaga, an entity of fear and nightmares that has existed longer than the universe, and has been the Bigger Bad behind every noteworthy practitioner of evil magic since the dawn of time. Zoe not only survives the encounter, but talks the Yaga into letting her take the soul-stone to heal Lux.
    • Actually subverted: It was Yaga's intention all along, she was just amusing herself.
  • Mother Utana playing Kian and everyone else for fools.
  • Anna gets her well-deserved revenge against Vamon thanks to a well-placed lynch mob.
  • Kian grabs a spear full of so much energy, it would overwhelm and destroy him just by grabbing it. He not only holds it, but wields it to kill Klacks and force Westhouse into the vortex of the engine. And even then, only manages to pass out.
  • Zoe fully realizing her Dreamer powers, breaking out of her pod, defeating Brian Westhouse, and reclaiming the Undreaming.
  • Gabriel standing up to Helena with an assault rifle.
  • In the epilogue, Kian took over Sadir and became the Bloodless King. Not only was he a male in a matriarchy, but he was motherless and possibly considered a traitor. And yet, he managed to do the whole thing, with only Saga and possibly Na'ane and/or Likho helping him.
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