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Despite being a seemingly simple Idle Game, Cookie Clicker has a variety of achievements that range from incredibly difficult to borderline unfair. While many of the more difficult achievements are Shadow Achievements that are not required for 100% Completion, there are still a fair number of them that are required to get the maximum milk rank.

  • The "Speed Baking III" achievement, which require you to get to 1 million cookies within 15 minutes of starting a new game, without using any Heavenly Chip multiplier. Doing so relies on getting the right combination of Gold Cookies and having two Golden Cookies both show up in the shortest possible interval. Also, it's only possible in either the first run of the game or in the "Born Again" challenge mode. Thankfully, it and its lower-ranked cousins are Shadow Achievements, meaning they're not needed to increase the milk level.
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  • Some of the "have X of this thing" achievements get ridiculously expensive. The worst one as of version 2.022 is probably "Taking the back streets ," for having 500 Javascript Consoles, which costs around 1.06 sexdecillion cookies. For comparison, the most expensive Javascript Console upgrade, Fortune #017, costs only 5.522 quindecillion, almost a sexdecillion cookies less than it costs to own 500 of said building.
  • "Black Cat's Paw," the achievement for clicking 7,777 golden cookies. As you might imagine, this takes a painfully long time, and can't be done by idling for obvious reasons (unless you use a cheat plugin).
  • The three baked cookie milestone achievements added in 2.022 ("A sometimes food", "Not enough of a good thing", and "Horn of plenty") are all prime examples of Last Lousy Points. These achievements are obtained for baking 1 sexdecillion, 100 sexdecillion, and 1 septendecillion cookies in one ascension respectively. By contrast, the last CPS milestone achievement ("Haven't even begun to peak") requires the player to bake only 1 tredecillion cookies per second, which is (ironically) right around the time the player's CPS begins to plateau. Most of that income will likely have to come from clicking Golden Cookies, making these achievements some of the most tedious to obtain.
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  • Any achievement dealing with sugar lumps, especially the "Years worth of cavities" and "reach level 10 (building)" achievements. Since you gain approximately 1 sugar lump per day note , it would take a whole year to get the former achievement. By the same logic, it would take 55 days to get any of the buildings to level 10. Getting all of the buildings to level 10 would take more than two years. Getting the golden sugar lump shadow achievement (which fortunately doesn't count towards milk) has a 0.03% chance of occurring each day, meaning the average amount of time it would take to get it would be five years. With the introduction of Gardens, however, it is possible to speed things up to an extent - Growing a ring of 8 Queenbeets that can spawn a Juicy Queenbeet in the middle of them, which produces a Sugar Lump when harvested. With the largest size of garden, you can grow four of these at a time, and if managed correctly and given the speed-inducing Fertilizer, you can get another 4 Sugar Lumps per 24 hours or so, on average. There are, however, some major caveats to this. Firstly, the garden only works while the game is running, and secondly - The Queenbeets and their Juicy counterparts have a crippling effect on your CPS. Queenbeets drop your CPS by 2% each (Meaning a 64% decrease if you have a whole garden running them) and the Juicy ones tank your CPS by 10% each AND they make the surrounding plants less efficient, making it difficult to counteract. There is yet another problem: getting the Queenbeet seed in the first place. That requires a Bakeberry and a Chocoroot. The Bakeberry is the easy one, it only needs Baker’s Wheats. However, a Chocoroot requires Baker’s Wheats AND Brown Molds. Each Brown Mold tanks your CPS by 1%. Also, the only way to get Brown Mold seeds is by harvesting Meddleweeds. Also, Brown Mold costs 20 minutes’ worth of CPS, Bakeberry costs 45, and Chocoroot costs 15. Oh yeah, speaking of which, Queenbeets cost 90. One thing you can also do is unlock all the seeds and sacrifice your garden (Resetting your unlocked seeds) for 10 Sugar Lumps, which may be more suited for someone trying to push it to the limit without running their cookie empires inefficiently.
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  • "True Neverclick", which requires you to make a million cookies without clicking the Big Cooke at all. The only way to really get it is to use Golden Cookies and hope for a "Lucky!" reward, as "Frenzy" and "Click Frenzy" are reliant on your CPS and/or clicking to work. Once you get enough cookies this way, though, you can start buying buildings and upgrades to get things rolling. That said, it can take a long time since Golden Cookies have a base appearance rate of between once every 3.5 to 10.5 minutes, give or take, and with 0 CPS the reward for getting it is low. Thankfully, True Neverclick is a shadow achievement, and not required to get full milk.
  • "Eldeer", which requires you to pop a Reindeer during an Elder Frenzy. It's a hugely frustrating Luck-Based Mission, as you have to take the risk of clicking a Wrath Cookie to get the Elder Frenzy bonus, and have a Reindeer pop up at the same time. Making matters worse is the fact that said bonus lasts for only six seconds (or twelve with the Get Lucky upgrade). At the very least, you'll get a ton of cookies from meeting the conditions for the achievement.
    • This one is actually subversion in that people were trying to do it long before it was an achievement because of the insane amount of cookies it gives.
  • "When the Cookies Ascend Just Right" is a shadow achievement, and for good reason: It requires you to have exactly one trillion cookies in the bank when you ascend. This achievement requires immense persistence to get, and if you accidentally got an upgrade that doubles your cookie output from clicking? Congratulations, you've screwed yourself out of the achievement.
  • "Keeper of the Conservatory", and by extension "Seedless to Nay". Both achievements require a full seed catalog, while the latter requires sacrificing said catalog. Getting all of the seeds is easier said than done, as mutating the plants for new seeds is incredibly time-consuming and luck based, not to mention that some of the plants (namely the Queenbeets and the Wardlichen) hurt the player more than help. Additionally, most of the plants have inconsistent growth periods, and a player may accidentally neglect and kill a rare new plant. By far the worst offender of the former two is the Golden Clover, which has the lowest rate of spawning (a whopping 0.07% chance from either a Gildmillet and a Baker's Wheat or four Ordinary Clovers), doesn't mutate into anything, and doesn't even give the player a noteworthy bonus, just a slight boost in Golden Cookie spawn frequency. However, this can be somewhat mitigated if the player has a sugar lump and save scums when using it to activate a tick that mutates plants three times more.
  • Prior to 1.041, most seasonal achievements were this, namely the ones that required you to unlock all the holiday cookies for a given season and "Reindeer sleigher", which could only be unlocked once you've popped 200 reindeer. Given how fleeting the seasons were and how tedious and luck-based it was to collect the cookies/pop so many reindeer, many players missed some of the more difficult achievements and had to wait an entire year in order to have another shot at getting them. Thankfully, the introduction of season switching averts this for many of these achievements.
    • However, one holiday achievement stands out for being particularly difficult to get, even with the advent of season switching: "Hide & seek champion". This achievement requires the player to collect all of the Easter egg upgrades. It's much harder than it sounds, as unlike the other holiday upgrades, eggs are separated into two different tiers of rarity, with the "rare" eggs appearing much less frequently than usual. This adds another layer of luck to an already Luck-Based Mission, making the act of obtaining the eggs much more tedious than needed.note 
  • Uncanny Clicker. This achievement takes the cookie when it comes to difficult achievements, by virtue of being a regular (read: required for 100% milk) achievement that's almost impossible to attain without cheating. It requires you to click 15 times in one second, whereas the average human clicks about six times per second. Without a graphics tablet, a dedicated mouse setup, an autoclicker, or some code you can put into the console, this achievement is out of reach for almost every player. Not to mention, it requires the absolute maximum precision possible. This is the limit of clicking speed, no matter the method. No, hacking won’t allow you to surpass 15 clicks per second, not in the way the game registers it, anyway. The game registers a second as 30 frames, so you need to click every other frame to get 15 clicks per second. Clicking faster than this is impossible, no matter what.
    • Mouse keys (Alt + left shift + Num lock) are your friend for this achievement, as long as your keyboard has a numpad.

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