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Tearjerker / Torment: Tides of Numenera

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  • At "The Fifth Eye" in Sagus, you're given a little challenge - one of the people in the bar is an astral projection, and you have to find out which. Turns out that the bartender, Feriok, is a projection made by Ziobe as a way to honor his sacrifice, as he'd given his life so they could finish the fight against an Adversary that had caught them off-guard.
    Ziobe: We beat it, though. So as long as I'm breathing, I'll keep his memory alive. He'll serve his drinks and make his bad jokes, and everyone here will feel welcome. It's the least I could do in his name.
  • Rhin is definitely the Woobie, due to having a case of amnesia even worse than the Last Castoff's, to the point that she can't even remember her parents' names, and is really upset by it.
    • Keeping on good terms with her eventually (namely when you reach the Bloom) reveals that Ahl had "hidden" her memories from her - and that memory was of her running away from home over a stupid argument with her parents.
      Rhin: (She scowls and shouts at the stone) You kept it from me. You walked into my mind and stole from me! I can never forgive you. Never! (She pulls back and throws the stone as far as she can manage. Then she collapses to her knees, her shoulders shuddering with each sob)
  • One of the first people you meet in the Bloom is a woman named Qianne, who was left stranded when an enchanted train - the Catena - wound up teleporting into the Bloom itself and crashing. Later, you can enter the Catena and find out that it's preserving the memories of the deceased passengers it had failed by crashing.
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  • Within the Endless Fathom, you see the First Castoff's reason for turning against the Changing God.
    First Castoff: You have a daughter. Right here! The one you're talking about has been dead for centuries, but I - I am flesh and blood. I am alive and begging for your help to stay that way!
    The Changing God: You're not my daughter. You're a creation. You're a shell. Do you feel shame when you discard your old clothes? Do you feel pity when a doll burns? I feel as much connection to you as I do that mask.
  • The end of Tybir's story. Despite everything that's happened, Auvigne or the memory of him still loves Tybir and Tybir still loves him. Tybir's desperation to hold on in the ending Fathom is painful to see, knowing that he'll fail.

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