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Tear Jerker / Viridian Saga

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  • Andi's realistic description of how dysfunctional her home life is, with parents who care about all sort of stuff like interior decorating, marine biology and each other... but not about their daughters's insecurities.
    • They don't even pay for her broken car. Who does that ?
  • Andi's book being thrown into the water and her fear of the pool.
  • “Go home, little girl,” he said. “Enjoy your mundane little life while you still can.”
  • The realization that Bree can be a selfish cow who only cares for her fun and lets Andi get drunk when she gets away from her, and speaks with her other friends instead of looking after her in a party with only her weirdo ethnic hippie college friends that Andi doesn't want to speak to, and then lets her (because she isn't here to see it or help) be assaulted by guys... only to later tell her she was afraid... because Andi didn't call her back and she didn't know where Andi was and she didn't want to think it was her fault if anything happened to Andromeda. Ugh.
  • The entire chapter titled "Crushed" is so tragic for Andi, because she's so in love with Riley that she begs him to kill her, or at least drive her mad so that she won't be forced to live without her one true love. Elinsen's poetic writing style makes this scene so much more tear-jerking, and we the readers really understand poor Andi's plight. Since she litterally had nothing and was nothing before Riley came along, it hardly comes as a surprise when she ends up wishing for the world's destruction to end her sufferings : she cares for nothing else in the universe.
    • Admit it, you were sobbing uncontrollably when Riley had to solemnly tell Andi that he couldn't take her to the pumpkin ball.
  • Ms Epistola's Motive Rant. She might be a Femme Fatale who wants to make everyone suffer with her, but it's only to finally take control of her obsession with being scorned and find a way to cope with it. Her manipulations are not so much a planned method to get followers as a way of hypercompensating.
  • Andi, tied up by the cultists in a dark cave, feeling that everyone is mocking her. Again.
  • Scarlett mocking The Phantom of the Opera.

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