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Heartwarming / Viridian Saga

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  • Riley's self-loathing and self-destructive affection for Andi, and how he lets it destroy everything he cared about, including his basic character.
  • Riley's protectiveness can be kind of sweet.
    • As is Vik's.
    • Debatable.
    • "I restrict your freedom for your own protection" d'awwwwww....
  • Riley's interest in The Phantom of the Opera.
    • His Adorkable reaction to Andi's gratefulness.
  • "That one is a keeper". He might be flattered, but it's still from Uncle Neil.
  • Scarlett's geniuely grateful speech to Vik about how he helped her succeed in her Evil Plan. For once, he gets some credit.
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  • Chloe. She's such a better friend for Andi compared to Bree and Vik.
  • Andi asking for Riley to save Vik. Riley indulging is even sweeter.

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