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  • For the first time, Riley Bay was at a loss for words.
    • “You… you noticed these things?” “Of course. I’m not blind.”
  • Bree might be... ugh... but she still has this cool scene with Jamal and she's the one who jokes about ripped teenage guys when Andi is too shy to do so.
  • Ms Epistola's snark is difficult to match. Untill Andi shows up.
    Ms Epistola: This garment is made to be worn only by those of post-puberescence... [...] What do you think of my ceremonial gown.
    Andi: You... look like a streetwalker.
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  • Uncle Neil showing how completely and even amiably unimpressed he is with Riley - who, let's recall, is so powerful and terrible that people who see his true face tend to Go Mad from the Revelation. If flipping off Cthulhu is awesome, what do you call gently but firmly telling Cthulhu to show you some respect?
    Neil: I like you, kid. But watch your tone with me.

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