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Andi dies in the pool.

When Travis pulled Andi in the pool, she hit her head and died. The rest of the book is her fantastical dying dream. The book prior to this had hints of strangeness, but after this is when the strangeness really started.

Riley Bay's previous girlfriend is Scarlett Epistola

Riley mentions a previous girlfriend briefly, so we can assume that she was dumped by Riley in a similar fashion to Andi. Scarlett then developed an undying obsession with elder gods as a result of being so unjustly scorned. After the obligatory sobbing and sprawling on top of driveways, she stumbles upon Uncle Neil's shop and steals one of his Eldritch beverages.


She drinks out of it and becomes a demi-elder-godess; granting her eternal life and impossible beauty. With these new found powers and smexyness, she starts a cult with the intention of eventually becoming powerful enough to take control of Cthulhu. Being a demi-elder-goddess also explains why she doesn't perish when she see's Riley's true form.

Note: Scarlett does not recognize Riley at the beginning of the novel since he uses a different human disguise every decade to avoid recognition.

Scarlett is Andi in the future.
Andi hates herself. Scarlett hates Andi. Andi likes manipulating Vik. Scarlett likes it too. Andi's hair is brown. Scarlett's hair is brown. THEY ARE THE SAME !
  • Scarlett has blonde hair, but that doesn't disprove the theory.

Scarlett Epistola is Serra Elinsen
They have the exact same initials. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Serra Elinsen is not really Serra Elinsen.
...but Lindsay... Bluth. Think about it. After years of her "needs" being unattended to by her husband and other men and thus lowering her self-esteem, she'd need some outlet. And what better outlet than writing romance novels where you're so hot, you're capable of seducing Eldritch Abominations into abandoning things like world domination and destroying all of humanity and so fourth?

Andi was driven mad by seeing Cthulhu.
The story about them falling in love was a hallucination. Ask yourself this. Which makes more sense: Andi is so perfect that an evil other-worldly monster falls for her instantly to the point where he drops all his goals concerning the end of world or that she was driven insane from seeing the very same being known for that sort-of thing?
  • Alternatively, the events more or less do happen in a similar way as described (although Andi probably completely missinterprets Cthulhu's motivations). Andi really is mad, but this madness is exactly what she herself perceives as love.

The reason why Andi was not driven insane by Cthulhu was because she already was insane.
We even have a trope for this . It is called "Crazy Sane".